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What Managers Want

By Ethan Moore

During these times, when trying to find your way in life, there will probably be that time where you attempt to get into a business. All the time, they have managers that rule over them. If you want to ever join them, and work for them, you must know the things that a basic manager would want from you. There are many skills to get a job and to stay in a job. All this is about knowing what your boss wants from you.

What a manager is:

Every business has a manager in charge of them. Managers are the highest rank of employees who rule a business. If a business is being taken over, the manager should have the willingness to sink with his ship.

Interview Invoice:

There are some things you should do during interviews. The highest ranked employee wants you to have compassion, preparation, resourcefulness, and the willingness to learn. The one in charge will judge you on what you wear. If what you wear is not good enough, they will probably look down on you and reject you harshly.

The manager would also want you to answer questions like “Identify yourself? Why should I hire you? Are you worth my time?” The manager wants you to try your best to answer these questions with not too much and not too little information. With your information, you must answer with complete sentences because that is what the manager wants.

What a Manager wants:

In order to get into a business, you must learn to fulfil what your boss wants. When you join a business, the good basic traits the boss wants the employee to have are loyalty, responsibility, dependability, enthusiasm, organizational skills, communication skills, honesty, respect, durability, and a good work ethic. When there are employees that need to work together, the manager would usually prefer them to be drama-free. 

The highest authority will have deadlines for tasks, and chores you do. If you can’t fulfill a chore or project in the amount of time which was given by the high authority, tell your boss immediately. You’ll be able to work something out. Managers are supposed to want you to grow in the business and improve over time.

What Employees want:

Even though that one authority of the business is in charge, the employee has things that they expect from the managers as well. Employees expect the manager to show respectful traits, like leadership, understanding, caring, respect, fairness, honesty, and trustworthiness. Employees also say it’s important for managers to be selfless enough to admit their mistakes. Employees also want their bosses to show appreciation in their hard work.

If you don’t please the Managers:

When you’re in a job, and you decide not to follow what the manager wants you to do, then he or she will lose trust in you. If you disrespect them, or are caught doing harm, you would probably be given warnings about getting fired. The manager will look down upon you in judgement, and if enough you could get fired. If you get fired, managers are expected to tell you why you got fired. You could learn, and even benefit from that. If you are not willing to at least try to respect and follow the orders of the boss, then you won’t be in a job that will last long, or you will probably not ever get to join a business.

Benefits to Knowing what Managers want:

If you understand what managers want and expect from you, you can end up getting into or keeping a job. These benefits from knowing what managers want can help you to become an organized individual as well. You would critically improve in a period of time.

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