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Time Management

By Bailey Tofaeono Dawley

Imagine someone with bad time management. They are all over the place-never on time, never reliable. They don’t know when to do things at the appropriate time. You don’t want to be that person- the person who people don’t think of when it comes to trust, reliability, and more. It’s unfortunate for those who have bad time management because it’s not a hard thing to incorporate in your life. It’s actually fairly easy.

During an interview with Janet Meade, she mentioned that time management is the most important skill for everyday life. She says that during the holidays she often procrastinates on getting presents or cards. Sooner than she realizes, Christmas is here. Janet then has to rush to get all her things for the holidays. She said that once she realized this was happening, she started buying cards and gifts way ahead of time, sometimes in January. This way, she already has them and doesn’t have to worry about it at all later on. She learned that having time management is a really important skill to have, especially in cases like this.

Not having time management is many things. It includes poor planning skills, failing to set priorities, not having clear goals, being unmotivated, rushing, low performance, missing deadlines, etc. None of these things are good, especially if you are a high schooler or in college. Any of these effects can result in failing a class, or even lead to worse. On Tips for Improving Bad Time Management to Boost Productivity and Reduce Stress it states that “poor time management is usually caused by a failure to plan ahead and evaluate the work that you need to complete.””. 

Poor time management can affect a person’s business relationships, mental health, and their work-life balance.

This source also says that “poor time management can affect a person’s business relationships, mental health, and their work-life balance.” The negative effects it has includes being distracted by interruptions and harming your personal reputation. Being distracted by interruptions often means you will not prioritize what’s most important first. A good example of this relating to high school and college students is parties. Prioritizing partying over your homework is probably not a good idea.

However, there are many ways time management can benefit you. Time management can be used anywhere, whether it’s at work, home, or at school. On Learn The Importance of Time Management in the Workplace it focuses on time management in the work environment. On this website, there is a list of skills that time management helps with. Some of them include less stress and anxiety, more opportunities and career growth, improved quality of life, and more productivity and efficiency. Personally, I relieve these things by drawing, writing, resting, reading a book, or anything calming. I choose these to do because to me it is peaceful and helps me relax. 

On 28 thoughts on “5 Important Benefits of Time Management for Students”, it focuses more on school and student life. It lists five different important benefits that time management can bring. They include developing responsibility, more effective learning, efficiency gain, better money management, and preparation for the work world. These are all very effective and important to know in a school setting because it pushes students to be better all around. Although, students don’t learn these things in school; it’s almost always at home with their parents, or from their friends and family.

There are a lot of things that make time management easier to use. Things that you come across every day can help with your time management. Setting reminders on your phone is an easy, quick way to manage your time.

Other easy ways to manage your time effectively are planners, sticky notes, and calendars. These are personally my favorite ways to plan ahead and know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it. Sticky notes are good to stick around here and there. It is like a reminder, but not on an electronic device, like your phone.

Planners help me keep my life organized in general. They give you weeks and monthly day-by-days. This way you can look at a week or month ahead of time to plan. This is a good way to write down doctor appointments, sports games, activities, etc. A great planner reference is How to Use a Planner Properly: 8 Easy Ways! — Sweet PlanIt. I personally write down doctor appointments, practices, games, due dates, my work schedule and other important dates. I also color code it. I stick with one color for school work, one for sports, another for birthdays, etc. This way, I can look at it and immediately know which is which. 

Calendars are another one of my favorites. My favorite part of the beginning of the month is when I get to do the new month on our whiteboard calendar. Doing this doesn’t have to be boring. I make it fun; that is why I enjoy it so much. I make it colorful and still color coordinate everything, so it is nice and organized. Calendars help everywhere, even in the workplace. 5 Ways Whiteboards Improve Time Management In The Office 

Another way to organize and manage your day is a schedule. Writing this the night before or first thing in the morning is good. A schedule helps let you know when you have the time to do certain things and if you have time to do anything extra. 

As you can tell, time management is a useful skill that can really strengthen your everyday life. Managing your time does so much more than just telling you when  to do something. It relieves stress and provides structure.. I suggest using time management as a daily skill. It helps keep your life organized and can really benefit you.

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