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The Dos and Don’ts of Job Interviews

By: Alexandra Rueda

As the summer comes, most kids just like me are graduating and stepping foot into the real world. We all have big dreams of doing amazing things. However, other young adults either move out or stay with their parents and get a job, or they go to college. A small portion of us don’t even know what we are going to do yet. It takes time for us to find our passion, and that’s okay. We all find our passion at different times.

In all 13 years of school, we have learned a lot. We have learned plenty of skills, like reading and writing. However, as we started getting older, it got harder and harder each time. In all these years of being in school, I have learned the basics of school, but also some bad habits. For example, I would retain the lesson through one ear, but as soon as the lesson was over it would come out the other. I was then ready to cram another lesson and be prepared for a test. Cramming lessons was something I learned in every class. Even procrastinating was a bad habit of mine. With school comes many good, and bad habits, but what they don’t teach us young adults is how to solve actual life problems. 

With graduating and going to college or moving out, comes big responsibilities. For example, we will be paying bills, doing taxes, getting credit cards, paying for college, buying a house, or renting an apartment. All those things involve money. How are you going to get these things if you don’t have a job yet? Getting a job isn’t hard as long as you are committed to finding a job. Many jobs require an interview and a resume. In an interview, they will ask you some questions to see if you are fit for the job.

Depending on what you choose as a job, they love to hear skills that will help with the position for which you are applying.

When getting a job, you have to look presentable. Always make sure to look better than what you normally do. You also have to be ready for any question they ask you. You must be able to speak clearly and slowly to make sure they understand you. Also, restating the question in your answer would make you sound better. In a website called What Employers Want to Hear in a Job Interview,  it explains what they want to hear. Most interviewers love to hear how passionate you are for your goals or for the job for which you are applying. A key element of a job interview is simply proving that you have the skills for the job and that you can get it done. Interviewers love to hear that you have skills of communication, being a teamplayer, organization, and speaking skills. Depending on what you choose as a job, they love to hear skills that will help with the position for which you are applying. Towards the end of your interview, they will ask you if you have questions. Make sure you always have questions to ask because, if you don’t, then it seems you are less interested.

When you are in an interview, there are many things you shouldn’t say. A website called 30 Things you should never say in a job interview explains why not to say some phrases due to it coming out a bit rehearsed. Some things you should try to avoid during the interview are saying filler words. We all have moments when we get nervous and start saying “um” and “like” a lot. I have done it multiple times, due to the lack of preparation or just being nervous. Another thing, you should make sure not to say anything bad about your past jobs. It makes you look snotty. Always remember to be well prepared and have a good knowledge of background information about the position you are trying to get. 

With Covid-19, some interviews have changed. I have done one over zoom and one in person.  Everybody was being socially distanced. If it ever comes to being interviewed over Zoom, you should always have a blank wall background. If you have a cluttered or distracting background, the interviewers will pay attention to that. Something else that might be distracting is moving in your chair or looking away from the camera. Those are small things for you not to do in an interview because it lets the interviewer know you are a bit nervous. Also, when you are talking, make sure not to have a script of what you are going to say on your laptop. You can kind of notice, since your eyes are moving side to side. With a Zoom interview you have to look presentable, as well, and have a good angle of the camera to your face. 

Sometimes you think your interview went really well, but you ended up not getting the job, and that’s alright. It was a good experience, and maybe you can improve on interviewing. Maybe you didn’t get the job because someone had more experience or someone had a better working skill. It always comes down to the smallest thing, and that’s okay, because it wasn’t meant to be. Most of the time you will get the job, but, when it comes to harder jobs, it will be a bit harder to get the job. But, I have learned that if I want something I go and I get it.

For more information:

What Employers Want to Hear in Job Interview 

30 Things you should never say in a job interview

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