Creating the Global Classroom

For the last several months I have been preparing for an international field experience. I was selected for a Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms grant last summer, and since then my teaching world has been turned upside down- in a good way! I have discovered the joys of global education.

This week, my big adventure begins, I will be traveling to Morocco to team up with a Moroccan teacher. He has set a fascinating agenda for me, and I will meet hundreds of teachers and students in Morocco. I can’t wait. I will use this blog to record my journey and reflect upon what I see and learn, particularly about education.



Most of the time, I am simply "Mrs. Olmos," a busy classroom teacher in a rural district in Southwest Washington State. I teach English, WA State History and Drama to students that range from grades 7-12. I believe in allowing students to use their own creativity and individual voices to enrich learning experiences in my classroom. A typical day in my room includes student-led conversations, collaborative projects, and art supplies. Beyond the classroom, I dedicate myself to many areas of educational leadership. Currently, I am a Fulbright Teacher for Global Classrooms and a member of the leadership team for the Washington Teacher Advisory Council. I am proud to be a National Board Certified Teacher, and a facilitator for National Board Candidate cohorts. Over the years, I have served on committees, panels and cohorts at the district, state and national level. My areas of interest include English Language Arts standards, curriculum and assessment, teacher preparation and certification, equity in rural education, project-based learning, and arts-integrated instruction. In my spare time, I have dogs, horses and and a husband to share my life on a small farm surrounded by green hills and rivers. It's a beautiful life.

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